Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March TheLookBag

Honestly, the only reason I signed up for TheLookBag was because I was on the BB wait list and wasn't sure if when I would be getting off of it. So I joined, and this month wasn't too bad.

This months bag included:

Frownies Facial Patches

I'm not excited about this. I'm 18, and have no wrinkles.I wish their beauty profiles would have caught this! So this went straight to my mom!

Cattiva Nude Lip Liner

This also went straight to my mom. But that's only because I'm not a fan of nude lips. I'm more of a bright lips person. Plus it was a bit dark for my skin tone. But it was a really generous sample, because it was full sized. (;

And here's a swatch....

Rose Hips Black Soap

I actually haven't tried this out yet, but I've heard it feels really nice on your face. I find that it's a little odd that it's black. But the weird things normally turn out to work best!

Chicstix Shave Stick

This is actually one of my favorite things about this bag. It smells DELICIOUS! It's mango scented. I haven't used it yet, but I can't wait to!

Lady Strawberry Mirror Skin Soap

I'm not sure if I will ever use this or not. I'm all for organic skincare, but I'm not really big on bar soaps. It's also not the best smelling. But I will probably at least try it.

This bag wasn't really a big hit for me, and I cancelled my service. Mostly because I was just waiting to get off the Birchbox wait list to get this, so it was kind of a "filler" for me. Hah.

So, what beauty subscriptions are you signed up for, and what is your favorite product you've received?

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