Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Beauty Blogger '12 VoxBox!

Yay! I got invited to another Influenster Box. Not to mention this box is GREAT! I'm going to split up my post into individual ones for each product, but I just wanted to mention how awesome this program is. Influenster is basically a free box program you can sign up for. You can do tasks and surveys and what not to get badges. When you get badges, you become eligible for different types of boxes. So then Influenster will send you a prequal survey, and if you qualify, you get an awesome box!

I know I've posted about it before but it is seriously really awesome and definitely worth your time.

My box was packed full with goodies! I lovedddd it! Like I said before, I'm going to do separate posts on each product. But obviously, you can see that this box is awesome and better than the box that I actually pay for.

Disclaimer: I received this box completely free from Influenster.

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