Saturday, August 11, 2012

August Birchbox!

Yay, my August BB came in the mail today! From reading the BB thread on, I had seen so many crappy boxes for this month. Then yesterday I was bad and peeked. BUT, I'm happy I did because my box is awesome this month!!!

Beauty Fixation Makeup Remover Swabs

So, this is missing from the box picture, and has a crappy picture. Why? Because mine came open and this is the picture I sent to Birchbox, yet a bit cropped here. I also used the other swab without thinking about taking a box picture. Whoops! But anyways, I liked these swabs. They would be a really good thing to have in your purse for touch ups, or if you're really messy with eyeliner or mascara (TOTALLY ME). They're probably not the best value, but I might buy some just for my purse. 

24 Swabs- $5.00

Pixi Lid Last Shadow Pen in Brun Beam

I've seen the Pixi brand in Target but I've never tried it. And still won't be seeing as I am trading this! I would use it, but I have so many brown eyeshadows and had the chance to trade for Color Club Blue-Ming which I am dying to get. I think this is probably a nice eyeshadow, just not what I was wanting!

Full Size- $18

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La Fleur

This. Scent. Is. To. Die. For. Seriously, I LOVE this perfume. It's like fruit and flowers made sweet babies together. I'm obsessed with it... And a spray top.... Birchbox loves me this month. Seriously though..... I really love this, and everyone should at least try it!

Full Size/2.5 Oz- $70

Miss Jessie's Quick Curls

Really? Another product I love? The Birchbox gods have answered my prayers and sent me an awesome box. Girls, if you have curly or wavy hair that needs tamed, Miss Jessie's is your answer. I used this today and I had NO frizz. None. I always have frizz, and this tamed it! I also ordered samples of Pillow Soft Curls and something else from them (oops, I can't remember!). You can get two free samples from their website. You have to enter your card number but it won't charge and it can be a prepaid card. And they are huge samples. 1 oz for most, some are .5 but still pretty big! Any way, this sample was really big, 2oz which is worth 8 bucks.And I've never really found products that work well with my hair so I will probably purchase one of their products!

Full Size- $32

Schick Hydro Silk Razor

I already have this razor, but let me tell you, it is awesome. I got it as a free sample a long time ago, and have run out of refills. I was about to buy more until I found out this would be in our box! I really do love this razor and it gives me the closest shave. Not sure what is so special about it but it really does work well!

Full Size- $9.99

So obviously I LOVED this Birchbox. Many people were unhappy this month, but I'm glad I got things that I loved, especially the Quick Curls. What did you get in your BB this month, and did you love it?


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    1. Whoops, BB is just an abbreviation I use for Birchbox. Sorry I wasn't clear about that!